Newfoundland Adventures Ltd offers you a unique opportunity to harvest a Eastern Canadian Moose. Moose, the largest member of the deer family with weights up to 1500 pounds, these agile, majestic animals are a sight to behold, and considered one of Newfoundland’s premier big game animals.

With populations estimated over 120,000 animals, we will take you to our hunting grounds located in the remote interior of Central Newfoundland to spot and stalk, over small rolling hills, woodland areas and bogs, for an exciting, exhilarating hunt for big game.

Season Dates: September and October, early bookings recommended due to limited licences available from outfitter. Combination hunts available for Eastern Moose/Woodland Caribou/Black Bear are available.

View our latest video filmed by Team Backwoods while they stayed with us for a memorable hunt - click here



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